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innowa, the pioneering brand from Japan that is revolutionizing the world of electronics products, made its debut at the "CEATEC JAPAN 2017" exhibition. Since then, it has been featured across various media channels and showcased at prestigious shows such as the "Tokyo Motor Show 2019" and "Tokyo Auto Salon 2021".

Offering a wide range of dashcam models, innowa has a drive recorder to suit every need. From the entry-level to high-end models like "Horizon". innowa emphasizes both functionality and design. innowa won the coveted "Good Design Award" in 2019 for their comprehensive design. innowa has got you covered.

With the great success of innowa dashcam product line, the innowa brand has extended the product ranges to portable power station, portable solar panels and portable power banks.

Our solid warranty and support system provide peace of mind to users. We're committed to delivering the best product experience with innovation. Get ready to experience the best with innowa!

"inno-wa" Origin of brand name

The "inno" in "innowa" means "innovation" in English.

The "wa" in "innowa" has two meanings:

It means "ring" and represents the connection of various worlds by expanding and deriving it from the ring.

It represents Japan and signifies that "innowa" is a Japanese brand.

The design of the letter "O" in "innowa" represents "infinity".

"innowa" is a brand that embodies innovation, infinite expansion and connections, and a sense of security that values harmony, all of which are the aspirations of the brand.

The foundation of our brand rests on three pillars: Innovation, Humanity, and Reliability.


Innovation ignites a spark of creativity that uncovers new facets of car electronics products. We craft our designs and features with the sole intention of serving our customers.



Humanity is at the core of our philosophy. Our goal is to simplify life and create a better world for all.




Reliability is the bedrock upon which we build our products. With unwavering attention to every detail throughout the product development process, we offer only the most trustworthy and dependable solutions. Rest assured that you are in capable hands with us.