innowa Horizon Mirror Dash cam
innowa Horizon Mirror Dash cam
innowa Horizon Mirror Dash cam
innowa Horizon Mirror Dash cam
innowa Horizon Mirror Dash cam
innowa Horizon Mirror Dash cam
innowa Horizon Mirror Dash cam
innowa Horizon Mirror Dash cam
innowa Horizon Mirror Dash cam
innowa Horizon Mirror Dash cam
innowa Horizon Mirror Dash cam
innowa Horizon Mirror Dash cam
innowa Horizon Mirror Dash cam
innowa Horizon Mirror Dash cam
innowa Horizon Mirror Dash cam
innowa Horizon Mirror Dash cam
innowa Horizon Mirror Dash cam
innowa Horizon Mirror Dash cam
innowa Horizon Mirror Dash cam
innowa Horizon Mirror Dash cam

innowa Horizon Mirror Dash cam


Introducing the all-new innowa Horizon mirror-type dashcam - the ultimate companion for a brighter, wider and safer driving experience. 

Horizon is a compact and discreet device that attaches easily to your rearview mirror. With its separate front and rear cameras featuring SONY Starvis sensors, Horizon provides you with a clear and bright visibility day and night.

With its wide 150° viewing angle of the rear camera, Horizon offers a wider field of view than traditional rear mirrors, making it easier for you to navigate and reverse. Its dual-camera system captures high-quality Full HD video footage of both the front and rear of your car, making it ideal for monitoring driving behavior and capturing accidents.

Horizon's sleek and unobtrusive design seamlessly blends with your car's interior, while its intuitive controls and easy installation make it a convenient and reliable driving companion. Upgrade to innowa Horizon and experience the peace of mind that comes with having a reliable eyewitness on the road.
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Separated-type Front Camera

Our front camera is separated from the main mirror unit. It offers an optimal field of view without compromising on installation angle. Experience convenience and flexibility on the road.Front camera is attached tightly to the windshield, a clear image can be recorded even during collision in an accident.

Front and Rear camera (2CH)

Full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080p) quality recording is available for front and rear cameras. Experience crystal-clear images like never before.

High Sensitivity SONY STARVIS image sensor (Front and Rear)

Capture videos even in low light conditions with our cutting-edge technology. The innowa HORIZON features the advanced SONY STARVIS CMOS image sensor that maximizes image quality in night time for unparalleled performance.

Front Camera: 140 ° wide angleRear Camera: 150 ° wide angle

Enhance your safety on the road with our wide-angle lenses. The innowa HORIZON boasts a front field of view of 140° and rear field of view of 150°, effectively reducing blind spots for a safer driving experience.

HDR / WDR Image Correction

The innowa HORIZON features a sophisticated HDR/WDR function, ensuring reliable and accurate recording even in areas with sudden brightness changes, such as tunnels, without any white-out or black-out.

Touch Screen

The intuitive touch screen operation makes navigating your innowa HORIZON effortless.

Adjustable Display Range

With just a swipe of your finger, adjust your display position up or down.

Rear Camera Cable: Approx. 10m

Our rear camera cable is 10 meters long, compatible with various car models for flexible installation.

Equipped with GPS

The GPS functionality records your vehicle's position, date, time, and speed information while in motion, providing you with accurate and reliable data.

Radio Interference Prevention

The innowa HORIZON minimizes interference with radio signals, ensuring clear reception for uninterrupted listening pleasure while driving.

Compatible with LED Traffic Lights

Designed to be compatible with LED traffic signals blinking at 50Hz or 60Hz by setting the frame rate appropriately.

Mirror Image (Rear Camera)

With a compact design, the rear camera can be easily installed in various locations, while the positive/mirror image setting allows for versatile usage.  

32GB High Endurance microSD Card included

A durable 32GB Class 10 microSD card is bundled for immediate video recording.

SD Card Format Free

Experience a maintenance-free design with our unique file system that minimizes fragmentation and error rates.

PC Viewer

Access and view recorded video files effortlessly with our PC viewer. Displaying a map of the vehicle's path and speed.

Built-in G sensor

The built-in G-sensor detects impacts and instantly records the video to a dedicated folder, providing crucial evidence in the event of an accident.

Modelinnowa HORIZON
Power-supply voltageDC12V/24V (5V input)
Power consumptionMax 12.5W
G sensor✔️
Monitor size10.88 inch full color IPS monitor
Touch panel✔️
Viewing angleFront: Horizontal: Approx. 110° / Vertical: Approx. 55° / Diagonal: Approx. 140°
Rear: Horizontal: Approx. 115° / Vertical: Approx. 62° / Diagonal: Approx. 150°
Image sensorFront: 2 million pixels SONY STARVIS image sensor
Rear: 2 million pixels SONY STARVIS image sensor
F valueFront: F1.8
Rear: F1.8
Operating temperature-0°C to +60°C
Storage temperature-20°C to +80°C
Radio interference prevention✔️
Compatible with LED traffic lights✔️
ResolutionFront: Full HD 1080p (1920*1080)
Rear: Full HD 1080p (1920*1080)
Frame rateFront: 27.5fps
Rear: 25fps
Recording modesNormal recording/Event recording (G sensor/manual recording)
Voice recording✔️ (On/Off)
Recording formatVideo: MP4 Photo: JPG
Image correctionHDR/WDR
Recorded video playback methodMain unit, PC (PC viewer, Windows Media Player etc.)
Recording mediamicroSD card 8GB to 64GB compatible (Class 10 or higher recommended)
SD card format free✔️
Super capacitor✔️
Mirror image (rear camera)✔️
DimensionsMain unit: W257mmxH71mmxD18mm
Front: W56mm×H33mm×D29mm
Rear: W56mmxH26mmxD28mm
WeightMain unit: 332g
Front: 26g
Rear: 84g
Cigar charger (length)about 3.5m
Rear camera cable (length)about 10m
microSD card32GB (high endurance)
ContentsMain unit, elastic band, microSD card (32GB), user manual, quick guide, cigar charger, GPS receiver, front camera, rear camera


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PC Viewer Download

OS :Microsoft Windows 7 ,8 ,10 innowa HORIZON DVPlayer

Our PC viewer provides a comprehensive viewing experience, allowing you to view recorded videos along with location information obtained from GPS. Download the software now and take your driving experience to the next level.